Swans, geese cause costly damage to fields

Duncan – Re: Mr. Hunt’s comments on swans, Jan. 21.

First let me say, according to Agriculture Canada (federal), six Canada geese are equal (in the grass they eat) to one cow. Only fowl pull the grass by the roots, cows do not. I have seen geese leave a beautiful field of grass black and in need of costly reseeding.

As for the propane cannons, the swans/geese simply move to the next farm, not Mr. Hunt’s property. I’ve seen birds knock out power in areas where there are no cannons. It is simply the nature of the beast. Ask BC Hydro.

If Mr. Hunt considers this damage miniscule perhaps he wishes to pay the farmers (who are trying to feed our growing population) for reseeding.

Also, the swans are famous for digging large holes in the soil. Check with the cranberry farm on Richards Trail. Perhaps he could help there.

It would be nice if the birds in question would move to the marshland created for them along Somenos Lake, Trans Canada Highway, but with Mother’s Nature’s deterioration of this area, what would you do if you were a swan of a goose? I think you would pick a luscious farmer’s field.

So, before Ms. Rondeau or Mr. Hunt write or complain they should check their facts.

Nature is somewhat beautiful in its right place. People and their need for food should be our first concern. In 1990 there were 52 dairy farms in the Cowichan Valley. In 2015 there are 18.

Let’s try to protect the few remaining. You would be protecting your food supply.

Johanna Mellor