Take care of animals or don’t have any

Duncan – Some people in this valley should not be allowed the privilege of owning an animal. Three times this week I have had to rescue or attempt to rescue dogs running loose on the streets. Two of them, after spending a lengthy amount of time knocking on doors, asking people on the street and enlisting the help of neighbours, were returned home but the third was too scared to approach anyone and the last I saw of it was when it was running down Trunk Road amidst the cars.

This is unforgivable that pet owners are too lazy to ensure their pets are safe. It’s not just the dogs running in the traffic it’s also the ignorant people who are still taking their dogs shopping and leaving them in the car and most of the time when they’re approached they have the same standard answer “They’re fine, I won’t be long”.

How many ways are there to say to these idiots that it only takes a very short time, windows down or not, before their pet is past the point of being safe? Why is it that our laws are not more strict for these people? Until there is more of a penalty for endangering an animal’s life these innocent babies are going to keep suffering because of their owners’ uncaring attitudes.

Nancy MacDonald