Take out trees on highway, stop planting

Duncan – I agree with Mark Williams in his letter to the editor, when he suggested that the city should stop planting so many trees with its Urban forest Strategy.


The city needs more bike lanes and safer pedestrian crossings (either underpasses, or overpasses).


The trees that line the highway from the Old Farm Market down past the high school (for a start) should be removed, and a safe lane for bikes could be put in.


These trees have been pruned so many times that they are an ugly row of stumps for most of the year, then a short blooming period, then they block the business signs when they are in leaf.


You can still plant some low-maintenance, low-cost evergreens here and there, but let’s get away from the trees.


There is simply not enough room.


The trees would work for new development, where you can allocate enough space for them before you start building. I’m sure the original builders of Duncan never envisioned what a couple of million cars rolling down a road would look like.


Paul Binder Duncan