Teaching the Bible has no place in public school

Mesachie Lake – I was truly astonished to read Deirdre Mann asserting that all our educational problems would be solved if we simply brought Christian education back into the public schools. I guess my understanding of the situation is totally in error.

My grandchild is in a private school because the provincial government has deliberately underfunded the educational system to the point where she was not able to get an education.

They have overloaded teachers with students to the point where personal attention is a lost ideal. Now I am informed that this would have been corrected if only we also expected those teachers to read the Bible to her, and teach her to pray to an Imaginary Playmate! While they are at it they can also teach her that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that fossils were buried by Satan to test her faith.

Like all religions, Christianity relies on teaching children the guilt of original sin and fear of damnation.

If Ms. Mann wishes to have her children so taught she is welcome to do so, but I would prefer mine to grow up believing that life is good and that a righteous life can be lived without the threat of eternal torment.

I would also prefer that the provincial government used my tax dollars to hire more teachers so that all children could receive a quality education, not just those whose families can afford to pay for one.

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