The first recognized Canadian

Duncan – Notwithstanding First Nations who are treated like foreigners in their own land, I claim to be the first Canadian.

In the Diefenbaker era I applied for a federal job. A commissioner of oaths had to witness an oath of allegiance and I wrote Canadian in as nationality and it was returned as Canadian was not acceptable.

I went back to the commissioner, filled out another the same but; scrawled across it, “My mother and father were born in Canada and so was I. If a Canadian is not good enough to work for Canada get some foreigner,” and signed it boldly John A. Mc Donald.

The commissioner did not want to sign it. I said here is your .50 cents sign it, he did. I mailed it. I got the job. Ergo I am the first recognized Canadian, other than First Nations people.

John A. Mc Donald


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