The “Great Amalgamation”

Duncan – Thank you for throwing the subject wide open to all your readers, including this oldtimer. I was there when George Whittaker and Jim Quaife were explaining that an amalgamation, well carried out would create a new city of itself.

The issue arose: what would the city be named? This brought a negative reaction on both sides: “Not Cowichan! We have named half the countryside Cowichan.”

This followed by, “Don’t name it Duncan. We still bear scars from the old Drunken Duncan jingle.

– End of the meeting – Having given it much thought, may I submit a new city named Prevost City? The great mountain, with the cliffs. I was up there once and incredible beauty it has.

A town in Alberta carries the name, and so does a school in B.C. I would like to name the old city Coleman City, in honour of Mike Coleman.

Lines forked from the “old” Cowichan District Hospital. The twin curved lines of the mountains against the sky lie unchanged since the time of the Thunderbird; new lines have risen from the old land.

Best wishes to all.

Nora Maxwell