There always seems to be money for spin doctors

Duncan – I’ve asked Finance Minister De Jong and Premier Clark this question, but they are apparently too busy to respond, so I’ll throw the question out to your readers.

The Liberals tell us, ad nauseam, that the province can’t afford to keep schools open, pay teachers what they are worth, hire mining inspectors, support the elderly, hire enough doctors and nurses, help people living below the poverty line, and whole bunch of stuff that one would expect of them.

So how is it that, when one of their bad and/or really stupid decisions comes back to bite them (and us) in the ass, there is no end to the amount of money available? Money, that is, for lawyers, PR people, spin doctors and tons of TV and newspaper ads. For studies, investigative trips, more studies and investigations – whatever it takes to make it look like it is NOT their fault, NOT the fault of their corporate friends, or it is NOT as bad as everyone says. (Go ahead – drink the water!) Have you ever heard them say that they don’t have enough money for that? I haven’t. And they will keep throwing that money away until we either lose interest, or something else comes up to distract us. And you know that, whatever that new issue is, it will end up costing us more money all over again!

Pat Wardell