There’s a lot not being said about credit cards

Chemainus – I read Robin Walsh’s comment re: credit card fraud [March 21] with some interest.

First of all, it was stated that banks have invested heavily in PIN technology to prevent fraud.

Why then is it that when my bank sent me a new card it had this swipe technology that requires me to do nothing other than swipe my card over a scanner? Seems to me that they defeated the very technology they spent so heavily on by adding this feature. If we are so pressed for time we cannot punch in four digits rather than swipe, then we are truly a society that is in need of help. I sent it back for a card that requires me to take three seconds more to conduct a transaction. It is true that there are fraud protections but depending on who you speak to you are still liable for $50-100 of fraudulent transactions. You have to put months of effort into proving you did not make the purchases in question.

If your card is lost, stolen or compromised, all the information needed to make online purchases is in the hands of the person who finds or stole your card. You do not need a PIN to do online purchases.

So while the comments made are more or less accurate, there is a lot not being said that is reality when it comes to credit card security.

Alex Currie