Time for wholesale change of council

Duncan – Are we, the many concerned citizens who live in North Cowichan, simply going to roll over and not get involved in the upcoming municipal elections or are we going to get engaged and actually vote for a wholesale change of council members? It’s time folks to speak up and to speak loudly with a ballot vote for elected officials who will actually take their responsibilities and duties seriously.

Our current council and administration are out of control. This is not what we bargained for in our beautiful Valley.

I wholeheartedly endorse Peggy Bran’s comments in her letter to the editor (June 18/14). I’m mad as hell and I know that there are a growing number of us who feel the same way.

In my opinion, we need to replace everyone currently serving.

Let’s get some fresh ideas, fresh blood and accountable people in our council chambers this November! Christopher Paton-Gay Christopher Paton-Gay Duncan Duncan