Treatment of workers and residents shameful

Lake Cowichan – Again we have another care home, Sunridge, firing all their employees presumably as a way to hire them back at lower wages.

I find this practice appalling both in terms of the treatment of employees and in terms of providing care for the elderly. I am not surprised that these employees don’t just walk off their jobs or resign en masse as they are committed to the care of their clients until other care providers are in place.

They are caring professionals. However I think if this was a different industry, such walkouts would happen.

I believe that such treatment of employees and residents should be illegal both as an extremely substandard labour practice but also as extremely substandard care of the elderly.

Residents enter these facilities with some sense of trust that their interests will be a high priority, not that they will become pawns in a nasty labour relations, money grabbing corporate game that has little if any concern for their psychological well being.

I also think this practice should be considered a form of elder abuse, since it seems to me that those residents who are dependent on the services are somewhat held hostage by this practice and also stand to lose the people who they have come to trust to provide their care. I am surprised that VIHA doesn’t take a stand and put a stop to these practices.

For those of you out there who are considering placing your relatives in care or individuals looking for a care home, I hope you make a different choice.

Unfortunately, however, you do not really have a choice as VIHA will decide which facility bed you may have.

I think it is absolutely shameful that residents and workers are treated this way.

Marilyn McManus

Lake Cowichan