Two Valley teens make cut for YTV’s ‘SuperGroup’

Two Cowichan Valley teens – Lynnea Bruce and Parker Schmidt – are both contestants in YTV’s The Next Star: Super-Group program, which starts Tuesday, March 11 at 7 p.m. TV audiences across Canada will vote for the next super group in the same way One Direction or Fifth Harmony rose to fame.

Schmidt, 14, was part of season four of The Next Star, in 2011.

"It was kind of nice going into this show having The Next Star under my belt. And my friend, Shania, who was also on my season, is on the show as well so we had a really nice reunion when we saw each other," he said.

Asked what he’s hoping people will really enjoy about this new program, Schmidt said, "I think it’s going to be having people see me perform in a group instead of solo. I have performed with my brothers before but that was a little different. This will be more just singing and I think it will be cool for people to see me in a group rather than a solo artist."

SuperGroup will appeal to a slightly older audience than The Next Star.

"This is steered towards more my age. There are some kids on there that are 17 or 18 now. It will include some more drama, that kind of thing. The Next Star it was all happy. But this is tougher, more challenging, more real," he said.

Bruce, 16, is well known from appearances at Sunfest, Duncan’s Got Talent and other stages on Vancouver Island.

"I’ve been dreaming of being on a show like this since I can remember. I love watching American Idol, I haven’t missed an episode since season six. I’ve auditioned for The Next Star multiple times. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of SuperGroup," she said.

Working with the crew of experts that YTV has assembled to coach the teens is exciting in itself.

"We were all sort of star struck when we first met them because they’ve worked and done some amazing things," she said.

Family and friends have been supportive, even though Bruce had to keep some details from them.

"I’m lucky that Parker was there with me because he’s one of my closest friends and we’ve gotten to share the experience. And that way we didn’t have any secrets," she said.

The six-episode series, produced by Tricon Films & Television, will take viewers through an intense, top-level talent showdown in order to crown a new mega boy or girl group.