Valley entries make cut for top 20 on ‘SuperGroup’

After a week of rehearsal, the top 30 contestants hit the stage in the debut broadcast of YTV’s The Next Star: SuperGroup series Tuesday night, March 11.

Cowichan Valley hopes were high because both Parker Schmidt and Lynnea Bruce were among the contestants trying to make the final 20 and move forward.

As the two judges watched critically, preparing to make the decisions that would move young performers forward or send them home, the boys and girls were divided into six groups of five and given a song to learn and present.

Hints like "don’t over-think it!" and "the worst thing you can do is look too cool for school" showed that SuperGroup is aiming itself at being more than just another pretty show.

These kids had to work hard and endure some fairly pointed comments, all aimed at helping them enhance their potential talent.

Both Bruce and Schmidt were in the third round.

The girl group sang American Honey with lots of polish, giving the Cowichan Valley girl a chance to shine in the country genre she loves. The boys, with Schmidt showing off his skill, sang Burnin’ Up.

Both received positive comments from the judges but the watching audience had to wait until the very end when the final 20 contestants were named before hearing "Parker" and then "Lynnea" called to the group that was moving forward.

Next week, when the show returns Tuesday, March 18 at 7 p.m. on YTV, viewers will be able to see the performers locked into their final groups and work begin on routines that hopefully will see them win the big finale.