Vandalism doesn’t help our property taxes

Chemainus – I may be a voice in the wilderness but I am increasingly concerned at the level of vandalism I am observing in Chemainus.

In the past weeks I have observed missing parts on the door latches in the public washrooms in town.

Several weeks ago I reported the theft of the top rail and the destruction of the fence fabric along side the Cowichan Trail through town.

Yesterday in the same area there was more destruction of this fence.

This time, rather than dismantle it to steal property, someone has taken wire cutters and cut a 30 cm diameter (12″) hole in the fence.

Now can anyone help me understand why someone would do this other as wanton destruction of public property? What earthly use does a 12″ diameter piece of black chain link fence have? I sort of get why the school kids opened up the fence when it was put in at the bottom of Robertson Street. It blocked off a transit point for them to get to school that they had used for years rather than walk over to Cook Street and double back. I am not condoning this but at least it made some kind of sense.

This latest event is beyond comprehension.

If you are responsible for these petty actions give your head a shake please.

This stuff does not get fixed for free.

Parents, teach your kids some respect for public and private property. Our taxes are already too high. This doesn’t help.

Alex Currie (Sr.) Chemainus