Waiting for candidate to address recycling in south end

Shawnigan Lake Shawnigan Lake – Re: Joseph Gollner’s letter Friday, Oct. 24 First, I believe you set a precedent in publishing a letter favouring one candidate. I think that obligates you to publish anyone’s letter supporting a given candidate.

Second, Ms. Morrow does not get my vote. Her opposition to an eco centre in the south end is the reason, and no suggestion of an alternative to the mattresses etc. that lie on the roads around Shawnigan, the most recent of which I saw on my way to Victoria last Monday.

You won’t clean up the Lake until you provide for clean-up of the by-ways and highways.

I wonder what her stance is on providing place or places for glass, batteries, film plastic etc.? We have now reduced ourselves to bins only and limited material only.

I wonder what any candidate’s solution is. It is not sufficient to oppose an eco centre to save farmland on which only hay is produced.

How about a bylaw that would have the merchant selling recyclables, providing storage to take them back when their life has expired. After all, a recycling fee went with the original purchase.

I’m still waiting for a candidate to address recycling in our community.

Reg Blackmore

Shawnigan Lake