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Wandering bear relocated after being spotted near Island school

Conservation service relocates young bear spotted on Lochside Trail
Sidney updates residents online after a bear was spotted on the Lochside Trail in June 2024.

Being spotted by a local spelled the end of a seaside stroll for a Sidney bear.

The black bear was seen on June 10 and captured by a BC Conservation Officer Service (COS), near Braun Court in Sidney. 

The COS attended and tranquillized the three-year-old male black bear. It was assessed and found to be healthy and a candidate for relocation.

Students in the neighbouring community of North Saanich were asked to be aware after the bear was spotted near Deep Cove elementary on June 5. The school sent out a notice to guardians asking them to pick up student who walk or bike in the area of Hillgrove and Cloake Hill roads. The weekend before a bear sighting prompted similar warnings to be vigilant in Brentwood Bay.

No conflict with humans was reported in the June 1 sighting, according to Central Saanich Police Service.

The black bear is most active from April to November and are primarily wary of humans.

WildSafeBC recommends if anyone who encounters a bear to stop, stay calm and never run. If the bear doesn’t notice, leave the area quietly while keeping an eye on it. If it is aware but not reacting, speak softly and back away slowly. If the bear leaves, let it do so and do not follow.

A bear that seems agitated will make noises such as jaw-popping, moaning, woofing and may even stomp the ground or bluff charge. These are all signs of a bear behaving defensively and letting you know you are too close. Speak softly and calmly and back away slowly.

Aggressive bears, or sightings in urban areas, should be reported to conservation at 1-877-952-7277.

Christine van Reeuwyk

About the Author: Christine van Reeuwyk

Longtime journalist with the Greater Victoria news team.
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