Ways to save on power other than wood burning

North Cowichan – A tip for all of you who worry about escalating power bills and are burning wood to save on your bills, I would like to share what we did about our power usage.

In 2012 my husband and I took the BC Hydro challenge. We cut our power bill by a whopping 31 per cent and received a cheque for our efforts.

We live on the west coast of Canada. It’s cold here in the winter. That’s a fact that we need to remember. We dug out our sweaters, put on extra socks, and we curl up under a blanket in the evenings when we watch TV. We turned the heat down, unplugged appliances when we weren’t using them and shut lights off behind us. It made a huge difference in our Hydro bill.

Concerned about the amount of smoke in the air these days

Shirley Crosson

North Cowichan