We are being punished for the way we vote

Duncan – I would invite EVERYONE to take a look at the B.C. provincial ridings map.

It explains very clearly why the BC Liberals are attacking, with such obscene vigor, those who rely on the BC Ferries. With the exception of the Comox Valley riding, every single area affected by the cutbacks is an NDP riding. EVERY ONE! Think about that, and here’s more: where is the toxic soil from Greater Victoria to be dumped, by way of a Liberal government writ? In a long-time NDP riding! Where is the most dangerous highway in B.C. located? Through several NDP ridings! I recently saw a letter suggesting that the government hates teachers. Not really. At least no more than any other unionized work force! The BC Liberals don’t even try any more to hide the fact that we are being punished because of the way we vote.

P. Wardell