We must have government that is accountable to us

In our system of representative government, our elected representatives theoretically represent our interests.

However, this system is implemented through a party system in which the party leader must sign our representative’s election papers.

Thus our elected representative is first responsible to the party leader and secondarily responsive to constituents.

Our party leader is compromised by election contributions which effectively makes him/her responsive to political contributors and their special interests rather than to constituents. Thus, our system of representative government is basically faulty by design.

It is a clever con-job by the one per centers over we, the 99 per centers.

This is a deliberate, built-in flaw to our system of democratic representative government.

This flaw can be overcome. One method is to determine what we the people, we the 99 per centers, want, and use these wants to impose accountability on our People’s Party.

This could be achieved by using a multitude of small groups using dialogue circle and wisdom council techniques to develop, over time, two lists: the “What We the People Want” and “Don’t Want” lists. These two lists would then be used to draft the People’s Party election platform which would resonate with the majority of voters.  

Our party leader and elected representatives would be held responsible for implementing our two lists embedded in our election platform as members of the opposition or as members of the people’s government. These two lists, then provide a method of imposing accountability on our elected representatives. Accountability is now possible by evaluating their actions against the two lists.

We the people, we the 99 per centers, can impose accountability on our elected representatives of our People’s Party based on what we the people want.

In this way, we can overcome the basic fault of the current system of representative government.


Gerry Masuda