What’s going on with environmental fees?

Shawnigan Lake – I am presuming the “Env. Fee” on my register slip is a provincial fee.

I never question an invoice as long as the total is within my own calculation of the amount I purchased, but I was somewhat surprised with the circumstances I outline below.

I just bought a wall clock priced at $5.97 – unpacked it at home, inserted the battery and it did not work – so no great problem, save the receipt and take it in to the merchant for an exchange or reimbursement.

This led me to examine the cash register slip (paid via debit) and I see the clock had an “Env. Fee” of 50 cents attached to it. I went further and had purchased a Slo-Cooker and this had an Env. Fee of $1.25 attached. I also bought a wrist watch – no Env. Fee. What is the difference between a clock and a watch? I guess another one of my questions is, how do clocks and Slo-Cookers affect the environment?

Then I examined the invoice further and it said “# Items Sold 8” – I only purchased six items, so the other two must refer to the Env. Fee on the two items above. Got lucky on the denture (2) and toothpaste (1), No Env. Fee, but isn’t it possible the expulsion of saliva on given occasions could affect the environment?

Then I looked at the sub total of $58.98 plus GST and PST to a overall total of $65.33 and convinced myself, Lord above I even paid tax(s) on the Env. Fee!

My question to the B.C. Ministry of the Environment is, can all of this be true? I’m hanging on to the receipt and clock for now, for to give them up – I would lose any reference to what I am talking about.

Reg Blackmore

Shawnigan Lake