Why has the price of gas not come down?

Lake Cowichan – As a frequent commuter on the road a lot I watch gas prices go up and down.

What puzzles me is that when the price goes down it will be by a few cents here or there, but when the price goes up it is usually by five to 12 cents a litre, and what puzzles me even further of late is the price for a barrel of oil is rather inexpensive. So my question would be if the oil price is down why the increase, and who is saying we have to pay more?

Is it the government raising the price or what, and most importantly why?

My understanding is in the oil producing countries their population pays .10 to .40 cents a litre. Well we are now producing our own oil, why are we paying so much?

I wonder who our government is truly working for? It would be really nice to know who is raising the price, and why it goes up

so quickly but takes forever to come down. This is just my rant for the month but it would be nice to be informed.

Greg McCallum

Lake Cowichan