Will not vote for incumbent councillors

Chemainus – I would like to add to the mix of things to consider in the up coming election.

We are again deluged with promises that probably will not be kept. The one that really angered me was when one of the councillors that is running for re-election stated that she

was open to all constituents.

In June I sent an e-mail through North Cowichan that I was assured would be delivered to all councillors and the mayor. I followed this up in July with a second e-mail on the same topic. To me, this is a critical topic and in no way was I abusive.

It really does not matter what the topic is, what really matters is that not one of the councillors or the mayor bothered to respond.

Now, of the past council two are running for re-election and two for mayor. It is obvious that I will not vote for any of them and I would urge others to think hard whether these people really represent you.

Tony Whiteley