Wrong location for Rock of the Woods

Duncan – David Bain, director of Rock of the Woods Festival wrote in to rebut a writer’s assertion that the festival organization did not consult with or contact residents near the ground zero for this festival.

I must clarify a few points raised in his letter.

I am one of the 63 residents that letter writer claims to speak for.

Sixty-three is the number of local residents who did sign a petition and we made representation at a directors’ meeting. We are not a silent majority – we are an ignored majority. How is it that a couple of concerned citizens can make contact with so many of our local community and get signatures, yet your outreach coordinators could not make contact with us?

Under CVRD Area E bylaws you do have the right to hold this event, but it is in the wrong location.

Our concern is that this is a large-scale event not suited for an acreage surrounded by hobby farms and sitting on the Cowichan River aquifer.

A viewing of your website shows the scope and size of your planned festival.

This is not akin to a local gathering or wedding.

This is a three-day and night event that includes a stage, camping, an alcohol garden, paid parking and a community store.

Sounds like a Sunfest type event doesn’t it?

This is an event more suited to the exhibition grounds or a Providence Farm setting – a place with the dedicated space, facilities, services and more than one road to get in and out.

So, we will see what happens this July weekend.

We hope you have a fun and successful event, but we will lock up our livestock and hide the dogs, and hopefully not have to do any damage control.

Mike Welsby