You cannot extract infinite resources

Cobble Hill/Mill Bay – To quote the bard, John Michael Greer; “Money, let us please remember, is not wealth. It’s a system of arbitrary tokens that represent real wealth – that is, actual, nonfinancial goods and services. Every society produces a certain amount of real wealth each year, and those societies that use money thus need to have enough money in circulation to more or less correspond to the annual supply of real wealth. That sounds simple; in practice, though, it’s anything but. Nowadays, for example, the amount of real wealth being produced in the United States and Canada each year is contracting steadily as more and more of these nations’ economic output has to be diverted into the task of keeping it supplied with fossil fuels. That’s happening, in turn, because of the limits to growth – the awkward but inescapable reality that you can’t extract infinite resources, or dump limitless wastes, on a finite planet.” It’s simple really…

Dirk Ouellette

Cobble Hill/Mill Bay