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January 30, 1992 - May 18, 2024

In loving memory ~

How can we begin to sum up the life of such a beautiful soul?

Ian was a dear friend to many of all ages. Stories continue to pour in from people Ian touched, sharing their memories of how he lifted their spirits when they were down, brought his own special magic to their good times, and never ceased to show kindness, curiosity and caring whenever their paths crossed. He loved with fierce loyalty and is loved so deeply in return.

Ian was an inquisitive, delightful baby, toddler and child. Into his teens and adulthood, he was relentlessly creative and inventive, fun and funny. Above all, he was an artist through and through who created beauty all around him with his own unique style - writing, painting, drawing, sewing, leatherwork, pottery, weaving, woodwork, and exquisite glasswork, which in addition to his music, was the art form he was most known for.

From karate to school sports, guitar, singing, art, surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, he was an active explorer of so many facets of the human experience - a true adventurer.

He loved to stack rocks, spend time at beaches, in trees and forests, and on the water - drawn to the outdoors and the quiet and sometimes solitude of nature.

Ian was a free thinker with an open mind and heart. He was a voracious reader and spiritual seeker who was forever asking questions. He was sensitive and attuned to the most difficult and complex issues of our world that many of us are able to ignore. He cared deeply about the environment, human rights, and harm reduction and stood for what he believed in.

Many have said he lived more in his 32 years than most do in a decades-long lifetime. We were privileged to learn so much from him in his too-short years on this earthly plane.

We, his family and friends, will never be the same. Ian was our son, our brother, our grandson, our nephew, our uncle, our cousin, and our friend. We all miss him more than words can say and our love for him, his influence on each of us, and the beauty of our collective memories of his beautiful soul will never fade.

Ian wanted humanity to step up as a whole and live in harmony and unity.

To honour him: Stand for that. Speak for that. Be and live that.

Please go online to

and leave your memories, photos, and videos of Ian for the family. They are very precious to us all.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." - Rumi

Celebration of Life - Saturday, September 7, 2024 at 2pm

Bird's Eye Cove Farm - 5881 Genoa Bay Rd

Please bring your favourite sweet or savory finger food for the potluck table. Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. (This is a sober event).

For those who might like to stay into the evening to reminisce together, bring a blanket and/or lawn chairs and a picnic dinner for yourselves.

Anyone who feels compelled to honour Ian and/or support the family is encouraged to attend and spend time with us as we share stories, laugh, cry, and remember him.

Service Details

Celebration of Life
Saturday, September 7, 2024
2:00 PM
Bird's Eye Cove Farm - 5881 Genoa Bay Rd