A case for none of the above

A case for none of the above

If none of the above wins, none of the above goes.

A case for none of the above

Christy Clark and the Liberals are guilty of a lie of omission. The decision to extort $64.80 plus all the taxes to take a picture of the electric meter of those who did not want the “ticking time bomb spy meter” was announced the day after the Clark by-election.

This decision was probably made before the general election and was held off announcement as by their own statement there were 150,000 customers who wanted nothing to do with these meters. Through years of intimidation and extortion there are still 11,000 customers holding out. Remember the last election “we will not bring in HST”. I think this clearly makes Christy Clark and her mob liars, extortionists, bullies and cowards.

So. A few weeks ago the Lib’s cancelled the dumping of toxic waste near Shawnigan’s water supply, which they allowed in the first place. How long after (if) they get re-elected will the dump truck train be back on track?

The problem arises in that the NDP are just Liberals in a hurry and the Greens are NDPers on steroids and its your guess what the independent stands for.

So I say that the bottom line on the ballot should be none of the above, and if none of the above wins, none of the above goes. Think of the money that could be saved.

Tony Whiteley