A fork emerges in New Democrats road

Under-representation is the issue. Is that really a problem? Here a fork in the road emerges...

Under-representation is the issue. Is that really a problem? Here a fork in the road emerges…

The crowd divides over the two pathways. A problem, versus no problem.

Both valid opinions within a maturing democracy such as ours.

The reality is that equitable representation is not, and has not yet happened.

Is there a formula to bring some “jiggery-pokery” forward to change the inevitable outcomes to reflect a new or better math? Is this a fool’s errand? Or a noble quest?

Again a fork in the road. The NDP has taken the pathway of trying to reconcile the statistical inequity issue, and will be both punished and rewarded through the democratic processes, at the polls, on both the merits and results overall of the equity balancing initiative.

Retiring NDP MLAs such as Bill Routley (male), trigger the application of the NDP equity formula, plain and simple, irrevocable — and admittedly both clumsy and eloquent in it’s nature.

On this, perceived or not, problem of inequity, you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution, in the final distillation. Respectfully, a democratic choice, privilege, and responsibility, a vote which you personally own emerges, and quite difficult choice for some, as the opinions and views are quite diverse in regards, often reflecting gender biases, ingrained cultural nuances and societal status.

Recalling past battles in another time, women (and some minorities) were forbidden the vote, least of all a presence in our legislature; but note, all those excluded were treated equally and with equity in that factual denial. We have come quite a ways, since then, but may have quite a ways to go yet, in some opinions, but again, not in others.

But here I start to digress. Comments? Questions?


Loren Duncan

Area E