A tough choice on election day — or not

Vote BC Greens

A tough choice on election day — or not

A tough choice on election day — or not

If you support 30 years of heavily subsidized fracking for fossil fuel exports and you applaud decimating giant ancient forests to the point of extinction; if you approve of the massive export of raw logs and the jobs that they would support; if barreling ahead with ill conceived mega-dams that flood priceless agricultural land and destroy vast eco-systems, while trampling First Nations rights and treaties seems like good governance; then you should flip a coin to decide between the BC NDP and Liberals.

If breaking inter-party agreements, violating fixed election date laws and forcing us into an expensive and unnecessary election in the middle of a pandemic sweetens the pot, then you should definitely support the NDP.

If, on the other hand, you would like to breath life and decency into our democracy and give your children and grandchildren a fighting chance at a sustainable future, then there is no doubt that your support would be welcomed by the BC Greens. Honest and open collaborative governance based on facts and science that puts people and planet first, while rejecting the crass politics and fossilized ideology of the old parties. Vote BC Greens. It’s time!

David Slade

Cobble Hill