All the fault of our political representatives

The real question is, how was such a contract even justified?

Re: “Forget the gold star, let’s avoid the fines”, (Citizen, July 22)

Your editorial misses the elephant completely.

A thinking person concerned about the environment could almost read a Harperian tactic in how the editor blames the Duncan citizens and all B.C. citizens for a gigantic mess made solely by our political representatives.

The real question is, how was such a contract even justified? What shiny bauble was dangled in front of their eyes to Con-vince them to enter into such a one sided arrangement? Perhaps the deal was presented after the free cocktails, drinks and dinner, most likely funded at taxpayers’ expense.

MMBC is a for-profit recycling company imported from Ontario. MMBC only want the cream off the top and the rest of the junk that costs money to get rid of is left to the municipality.

Our supposed brightest and best, whom we are encouraged to pay handsomely, give elaborate benefit packages to, along with regular enormous pay increases, made this horrible deal.

These are the real culprits, who somehow reasoned that we, the citizens, could now cart our own recycling to the dump at our own expense.

This is in addition to the municipal taxes we pay for them to do the job.

This is not the citizens’ fault. It is the fault of our local politicians and administrators. They are to be held accountable. Prior to whenever they struck this deal, quietly and away from prying public eyes, plastic in garbage was a national disaster, an environmental catastrophe. Now, it appears if you can’t hustle it down to the municipal dump yourself, just toss it into the garbage, its no big deal — this year.

But if these folks stay true to form we are most likely to be fined next year because they don’t want to be bothered with handling it either.


Pat Sullivan

Lake Cowichan