Are these Hydro rate hikes the precursor to privatization?

Hydro is asking for another four per cent increase in our rates.

Hydro is asking for another four per cent increase in our rates. They spend thousands to advertise on how to reduce your energy consumption such as turn down the thermostat, put on a sweater, unplug unnecessary equipment and so forth. Now that we have done this, they turn around and put our rates up to equal the savings we may have made. This is very hypocritical of them.

Of course, they have gone to the Utilities Commission to make their case and will most likely get what they want because they are just following the directive put out by the Clark government to increase rates by 25 per cent. Note that Hydro did not go to the Commission for implementing the installation of smart meters, private power producers or for going ahead with Site C. Once again, this was done at the behest of the Clark government.

Is the intent to show that Hydro is no longer a functioning body and is going deeper into debt so that it can be privatized? The Liberal coffers will be overflowing with all the millions of donations from those who would come to Hydro’s rescue. If you thought that your rates are going to skyrocket because of the cost of Site C, then wait for where they will be if Hydro is privatized.

We need an election now in order to save what is left in the public’s hands otherwise, maybe it is time to think about separating and put in a government that will actually govern for the people. The legislative buildings could be sold and turned into a tourist destination showcasing the cardboard cut-outs of politicians of the past who have sold out the province to the highest bidder.


Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill