Arithmetically challenged

Christy Clark may be the most arithmetically challenged Premier that our province has ever known.

She claims to have the most seats – 43 – but the coalition she faces has 44.

She claims to have won the largest percentage of the popular vote – 40 per cent – notwithstanding the fact that the government-in-waiting earned 60 per cent.

Ms Clark’s famous five conditions to support the Kinder-Morgan pipeline became three overnight as ‘ jobs for British Columbians’ and ‘world class spill response’ simply vanished, leaving residents to wonder: since when does three equal five?

If Ms. Clark had been able to win the Courtney-Comox riding, she would most certainly have trumpeted her majority government, appointed a Speaker of the House, then governed according to constitutional law which authorizes the Speaker to vote in tie-breaking situations.

Yet, this same number – 44 – is being cast as unworkable, indefensible, and an assault upon democracy in the hands of her opponents.

How can a single number mean two very different things?

Truth is, it can’t, and Christy Clark isn’t ‘listening to the voters’ so much as ‘hearing voices’ when she suggests that most British Columbians want her to stay on.

It’s time for Christy to step aside.

Mike Ward


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