B.C. government pandemic plan fails miserably

B.C. government pandemic plan fails miserably

the B.C. Government’s plan of soft talk — no real information is showing it did not work

B.C. government pandemic plan fails miserably

Well Dr. Bonnie Henry and the B.C. Government’s plan of soft talk — no real information is showing it did not work as more and more people totally ignore what the government is spinning.

The lack of information, “they can’t take the truth” attitude and no knowledge of where the outbreaks are happening is working about as good as the government plan to hide addicts and street people in hotels and tents.

All these plans have fostered is to convince the public that they can do what they want and it won’t matter. The government feels that the most transient, susceptible people, the addicts and street people, do not need testing even though they are the most likely carriers. They offer millions in free everything convincing many in apartments to leave and get a free life on the street and eventually get a hotel room and of course welfare/government money and free food delivered right to them.

The lack of policing allows B.C. to be the most easy place in Canada to get drugs and sell drugs — just go out on the street and see them selling, buying and shooting up. People from everywhere in Canada are coming to B.C. and our provincial government, counseled by do-gooders and non-profits, are causing more spread of this as more and more people ignore the useless propaganda spread by our soft talking government emissaries.

People need to know where these outbreaks are so they will not go there — we need law enforcement to stop the flow of drugs and we need to stop throwing money at these street people causing many more problems when the money stops.

This whole pandemic situation has worked, for many government organizations hide behind it with no accountability and no rules to follow. It has been an era where every stupid program the government has ever wanted is shoved into being because during this emergency they have waved regular guidelines and safeguards.

Programs so ridiculous like sticking shoot up centers in residential areas and destroying neighbourhoods and people’s lives and raising the crime rates are commonplace. Free everything is commonplace, delivered by do-gooders to the street to the people so no effort on their part is necessary, just sit back and wait, they will deliver it to them.

These people are there because they want to be. They do nothing and are given everything free. All because of the government’s inability to make its own decisions, so they revert to advice from non-profits and do-gooders whining and crying about these poor people.

Is there oversight on the millions being spent? Non-profits are non-profits people say, but who do they contract to make these meals and deliver them to the street and what relationship have they to these non-profits? Where is the oversight?

We are faced with the question of who then do we put into government who will not just collect their paycheque and do exactly what the last government did and what the next will do — they are all the same — we need to remove all politicians with this mindset and put practical people in there that have minds of their own . We need people who vote to speak up — find new parties and people who will think for themselves. Till then enjoy watching this calamity get worse!

Larry Woodruff

North Cowichan