Barker’s stance just pre-election posturing

In Friday’s paper, you wrote, "Barker noted that he is likely the only member of council to have actually created a recombinant organism, which he did during a third-year microbiology class, and while that doesn’t make him an expert, he does feel he has an ‘educated insight’ into genetically engineered foods."

So what? I produced a live baby 33 years ago. Does that mean I have an "educated insight" on how safe babies are to eat?

This policy will put absolutely no stress on city staff. The GE food requirement is "whenever possible." Councillor Barker was assured of that, so his statement was made knowing that there was no truth to it.

Councillor Barker runs screaming like a baby to the paper every time he gets overruled. This is not only unprofessional, it is an insult to the rest of council and to the environment committee who put in months of work over this and further, made amendments for him to be conciliatory. This is obviously pre-election posturing and chest pounding. Shame on him.

Sharon Jackson

Duncan city councillor