Call your MP over Canada Post

I am deeply concerned about the future of Canada Post.

I am deeply concerned about the future of Canada Post, my Canada Post and yours, and the disappointing services that it is providing at this time.

In countries that I have visited in Europe, particularly France, the postal service is more than mail. The function that particularly impresses me is the banking service. In our area there is mail service on the outer Islands, but not regular banking service. Adding postal banking would be great because it would meet the needs of many of us, and at the same time provide a few more jobs, and it would be profitable (as, in fact, it now is). The cost to us of regular banking and the huge profits going to the wealthiest suggest that there is considerable room for improvement, and since as a Crown corporation the postal service belongs to us, we can keep banking costs affordable.

There are other services that Canada Post could provide that would be particularly helpful. It could provide services for seniors, a large proportion of our population, and provide charging stations for the impressive numbers of us in the Gulf Islands who are driving or contemplating owning electric cars.

I would like all MPs to impress the new Canadian government with the wisdom of serious and positive changes to Canada Post.

Irene Wright

Saltspring Island