Cannabis dispensaries provide important service

Cannabis dispensaries provide important service

I found the dispensary to be very clean, staffed by very knowledgable, mature, people

Cannabis dispensaries provide important service

Unlike Reed Elley, I have no fears or concerns aobut the very professionally run cannabis dispensary.

I found the dispensary to be very clean, staffed by very knowledgable, mature, people, who would never even consider selling to young children.

Elley’s comparison of a reckless, speeding driver, endangering his as well as others’ lives, to a white-haired, frail grandma purchasing a little clean marijuana to help with her arthritic pain is ridiculous, at best.

I would suggest he lood at the U.S. Patent 6630507 (google it) and then (maybe) he’ll begin to understand why so many people seek this plant, which has no harmful side effects, to treat their arthritis, back pain, eczema, cancer, glaucoma etc.

I’d bet my last dollar that 80 per cent of customers are over 40 (at least). Lots of grey hairs. They do not sell thses pure and find products willy nilly to just anyone.

It’s a travesty that people who are very obviously not in the know would want to shut them down, leaving no other course than dangerous pharmaceuticals and their huge hosts of harmful side effects.

Methadone is dispensed legally, as maintenance to heroin addicts, yet you would deny me the right to purchase (with my own money) a harmless, yet powerful “drug” that helps more than any man-made synthetic drug out there, for the relief of pain.

It’s absolutely wrong, and very unjst that dispensing this fine herb is illegal, and that any police power is wasted on closing dispensaries down.

I applaud these dispensaries and say good for you that you would put people’s wellbeing above laws that are hurting us more tha they’re helping.

I appreciate that I can purchase a product that can be swallowed (rather than smoked), and that I can get CBD oil, which has none of the euphoria that comes with full-spectrum annabis, yet still alleviates pain.

I appreciate having access to find cannabis creams for skin problems. So thanks a lot to the fine people who consider my health more important than some archaic law bred from paranoia and a refusal to learn the truth.

Keep it up!

M. Howe