CERCA is fear mongering

CERCA is is raising unfounded fears on Cowichan Bay rezoning issue

When Cowichan Estuary Restoration and Conservation Association makes false assumptions and misleading statements about Pacific Industrial and Marine operation, it needs to be corrected.

I took the time to check out the facts as nothing new is being proposed here. I encourage you to get the facts first hand and not rely on others to interpret the facts for us as there is too much at stake for our local economy and the estuary.

The OCP designates the leased areas at the Terminal as Marine Industrial and the zoning is Transportation related industrial. Any reasonable person would consider PIMs dock and bridge building operations to fit these designations, especially since its operated from 1990 unquestioned until 2016.

In good faith Wester Stevedoring applied to amend the zoning and retire bulk petroleum and log storage leased area in favour of formalizing PIM’s business and to include the storage of marine safety equipment and disaster response. With freighter traffic in the harbour this is a wise move.

CERCA’s assertions suggest water contamination, noise pollution, light pollution and oil pollution on site. I saw none of this. They claim no taxes are paid to the CVRD this is because property taxes are paid to the Province of BC. The folks of CERCA don’t seem to value the need for PIM’s operation to be located in a deep sea port located in a industrial area not a residential area. PIM supports over 50 families in the CVRD with a monthly payroll of over $300,000. Can our region afford to loose this? The terminal operations provides stable well paying jobs. Jobs contribute to a vibrant economy that is an important characteristic and helps create a strong vibrant community.

Debbie Smith

Mill Bay