Chicken Little can run but she cannot hide

Sketchley and McDonald are naive to blindly trust “big brother” has their best interests at heart.

Chicken Little can run but she cannot hide

Re: Little change in cancer rates

In the March 2 issue Keith Sketchley attempts to refute claims made in my letter “Maybe Chicken Little is right?” where I respond to a letter by John McDonald, who compares those concerned about cell towers with Chicken Little. I do not pretend to be any kind of an expert but I have done my fair share of reading on the matter. I did not actually make any claims myself, but I did share from “the research I’ve done” what others (who ARE experts) have claimed.

Do I know for a fact that wireless technology causes cancers and permanent DNA damage? No, but some experts HAVE made this claim and what if it IS true? It could take a generation or two before we “connect the dots” and by then it would be far too late to reverse. Do we really want to gamble (more than we already have) with the health and reproductive ability of future generations? Is it already too late? Only time will tell.

Do I know for a fact that cell transmitters are “grossly overpowered?” No, but again, some experts have claimed this. If it’s not true we can all throw away our “tin hats” but if it is true, we must ask why? Sketchley says overpowered transmitters “would work against the fundamental of the cellular network.” Maybe that’s true, but can he prove that there is not a hidden secondary function with the potential to crank up the volume?

Sketchley says that to escape electro-magnetic fields that I claim are dangerous I’d have to “live in a cage of metal mesh… and wear a tin hat when outside.” YES! My point exactly: Chicken Little can run but she cannot hide.

In conclusion, Sketchley complains I have a “negative view of human achievement.” Well actually, It’s not the inventors or their technology that I view negatively, but the power-hungry psychopaths in charge, who seize any good invention that comes along and use it to control and enslave us or otherwise cause misery, death and destruction.

I think Sketchley and McDonald are naive to blindly trust that “big brother” has their best interests at heart. We are well past Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four and already living in Huxley’s Brave New World. But keep that cell phone in your shirt pocket (right next to your heart) so “they” can keep track of you, keep your immune system under constant stress and eliminate you with a heart attack if you misbehave. As for me, I can make my own “tin hat”, but does anyone know where I can find a large mesh cage?

David Work

Lake Cowichan

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