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Chris Wilkinson Column: Get growing!

Chris Wilkinson

Feeling stagnant? Need something new or fresh? Feeling ‘meh’ in general? Get growing!

You are biologically hardwired to learn & grow. At every age. Our very survival as a species has and always will depend on it. You’re either growing, or you’re dying.

That’s why when you stop learning and growing and stop challenging yourself, you feel ‘off’. Misaligned.

Unsatisfied in a way.

Unfulfilled in some part deep down.

Your spirit needs growth and exploration to keep the pilot light burning, and keep the internal fires stoked.

At the intersection of your ‘WHY’ (reason for being) and your Values, is your best self. As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

We are trained to take the path of least resistance. And in fact, the brain operates by this rule because it would burn through ridiculous amounts of energy if it did anything other than trying to be its most efficient.

It already burns through 20 per cent of our daily energy on average, and it’s only responsible for two per cent of our weight.

But when you make decisions and behave in a way, like the brain, that you always want to take the path of least resistance, you become weak. Your strength, resilience, confidence, ability to get outside of your comfort zone, and your capabilities suffer.

You lose your edge.

You get soft.

You are weak.

You are susceptible.

There’s a key difference in how the brain works versus how you should operate… when it comes to how you learn and grow, and where most fulfillment is for you – THE RESISTANCE IS THE WAY!

Keep sharpening your saw.

Forge yourself stronger with challenge and resistance.

Take your breaks and recover as needed but know that no muscle ever gets stronger without resistance.

And how to grow?

Tap into your awareness.

Sit down with pen and paper and write out what you are feeling around this topic of learning and growth.

Emotions are your best source of data and direction. Emotions never lie!

Be real with yourself about whether you are truly challenging yourself to learn, grow and be better on a regular basis; or whether all your growth is by necessity thru work.

Ask yourself questions like: What would I really enjoy learning more about? What skills would help me become more effective / resilient / confident / strong / better leader / fulfilled? What have I put off for so long that I’ve almost forgotten about it? Where do I need to employ some grit and have a conversation with that person? Where have I given up (health, wealth, relationships, career, growth, giving back) that I am no longer willing to accept giving up?

When you will take the time and effort to sit down and answer these questions, you will feel something shift inside.

You will notice the empowerment that comes with doing the work. The best work that has ever existed. Making yourself better and knowing yourself at the deepest levels.

And from this better place – you feel better, you care better, you serve and help better, you love better, you parent better, you do self-care better, and you live better.

“Your life only gets better when you get better.” ­— Brian Tracy

Chris Wilkinson is a High Performance Coach and works with driven small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to achieve bigger goals. For more information visit or email Chris at