‘Christmas’ has been suppressed for a long time

Fortunately, we have been fighting back

‘Christmas’ has been suppressed for a long time

K. Beaumont’s recent letter entitled “Too many people seem to be afraid of the word Christmas” was clear, insightful and well written. It was also sadly accurate, but it did not explain the entire situation regarding Christmas and its celebration, or lack thereof, in our society.

The missing element, unexplained in the letter, is that Christmas has been suppressed for a long time now. This became apparent many years ago when employees in big chains like Wal Mart were told not to greet customers with “Merry Christmas”, even being threatened with termination if they did so.

Fortunately, we have been fighting back, and have managed to preserve the greeting, part of our rightful heritage. This year I even noticed more use of Merry Christmas than in previous years, especially the early to mid 2000s when I actually thought “Merry Christmas” would disappear under the pressure of P.C. zealots.

But the fight is far from over. As a former School District 79 educator I can attest to the suppression of Merry Christmas in my school and in the district as a whole, where students were told not to use the greeting, and Christmas trees were discouraged. I was one of the few teachers who always put up a Merry Christmas banner and Christmas tree. Others bowed to P.C. pressure and elected not to, or simply didn’t care.

It is my opinion that, overall, this is an attempt by secular leftists to transform our society. Christmas concerts have disappeared and winter festivals have taken their place. Carols have been replaced with generic Christmas shopping songs. But winter is not a celebration. It is a season, and we are not yet sufficiently neo pagan to justify the elimination of Christmas. May we never be.

The truth is that this is an attack on traditional western and Christian culture, an attempt to relegate it to the margins of society and institute the sterile P.C. culture’s repressive terminology so that one day traditional western customs and public celebration of the Christian faith will be eliminated.

You would have to be blind not to see it. Next year I recommend that you deliberately buy cards with Merry Christmas on them, greet your friends with a hearty “Merry Christmas” and never succumb to P.C. culture. In fact it is anything but culture, and has no connection to our Canadian traditions and history. Yes, despite our prime minister’s statement to the contrary, we do have a mainstream culture, Christmas is part of it, and we all need to proudly stand up for it.

I don’t know whether or not we will ultimately enter the nightmarish censorship scenario of holiday trees and holiday carols. I suspect not, but it will depend on the courage of all of us to ensure that we never do.

Perry Foster


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