Class war: time to present a united front

What’s it like, what does it do to a person when they’re in a position where they seem to lie a majority of the time?

What’s it like, what does it do to a person when they’re in a position where they seem to lie a majority of the time?

We all know “honesty is the best policy”. But when it comes to politics, in any form, lies abound. When a rare politician tries to bring truth into the conversation, the lies in opposition seem to come from every which way, are overwhelming.

Unfortunately, over time, the lies have won out. We have always been taught, indoctrinated, that it would be just the opposite, that the truth will be outed. Well, the one per cent run the world. That’s the truth. They’re the bosses. They give the orders, the rest take them. That’s a basic definition of the class war. What is the one per cent’s greatest asset? I think it is this: they have the rank and file divided against itself, joining the false narrative of the left and right, considering the entire political spectrum has shifted to the right, spanning the globe.

I think the key to unravelling power structures is a solidarity of the vast majority of the 99 per cent, possibly in an anarcho-syndicalism movement. These movements are popping up around the globe, mostly in South America. You can’t have community without a sustainable livelihood, a job. It becomes a better scenario when we actually enjoy or love what we are doing as a livelihood, a rarity indeed.

Current migrations pose a huge problem and looks to increase. We’re just seeing the first waves. We’re also seeing the reaction to it — not a pretty picture. In general, the rich react one way, the poor another.

The class divide is in full swing, possibly greater than it has ever been and growing. The race will implode if we do nothing to address the trends. Even climate — the bosses react one way, and the rank and file want to react another, generally. Why? The rich feel they have more to lose by change, since the status quo has worked for them to this point. It’s a foolish way of thinking. What good is any faction without the other? What good are we if we are not together? The class war exists to discourage togetherness. We must fight back to encourage it.

Anarcho-syndicalism works to do that. It’s almost impossible, very difficult to feel purpose, feel dignity without a livelihood. Many of the jobs we end up doing are demeaning. As a boomer, our time here has been indicative of that, not historically unique though.


Daniel Ferreira

North Cowichan