Climate is driven by the sun, not CO2

Douglas Vogt has discovered a solar cycle that he believes will end with a cataclysm in 2046

Climate is driven by the sun, not CO2

Climate is driven by the sun, not CO2

Our sun has an 11-year cycle in which solar activity alternates between high levels of sunspots and flares to almost none at all. Then its magnetic field reverses and a new cycle begins.

Every 88 years (eight solar cycles) there is an extreme solar maximum known as the Gleissberg cycle. The last time this occurred in 1958, astronomers were shocked to observe more than 300 sunspots daily for over a week. Intense red auroras frightened people in Europe and caused a radio blackout in North America. Governments around the globe were alarmed and just a few months later the North American Space Agency was created.

Douglas Vogt, a scientist at the Diehold Foundation has discovered an even longer solar cycle that he believes will end with a civilization-shattering cataclysm in 2046. He claims that every 12,000 years (136 Gleissberg cycles) the sun goes “nova” triggering a geo-magnetic pole reversal on Earth, followed by an ice age that lasts several thousand years.

According to Vogt, the powers that be are aware of this event but have chosen to suppress the information. He says that global temperatures and sea levels have been slowly but steadily rising since 1958, but this is directly related to solar output and nothing to do with CO2. He claims that our current model of the sun is flawed and anthropogenic global warming was fabricated to conceal the truth.

So, was NASA’s real purpose to search for evidence of this re-occurring cataclysm elsewhere in the solar system? Is this why governments have been boring tunnels and constructing underground bases for the past 60 years? Are they secretly preparing to go underground while the unsuspecting populations obsess over their carbon footprints and blame each other for the erratic weather?

The global elite’s goal to “Maintain humanity under 500 million” is literally written in stone on a monument in Georgia, but how will they accomplish that without committing genocide? Well, as a U.S. chief of staff once said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Anyone on the surface who survives the initial solar blast, mega-earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and mile high tsunamis will likely face starvation as temperatures drop well below zero.

Just another crazy conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but it does resonate with the mythologies, histories and religious texts of many ancient cultures that tell of cyclical cosmic disasters heralding the end of one age and the beginning of another. And, if the globalists really cared, would they be flying their private jets to fancy climate conferences and fracking, drilling, mining, logging and spraying chemicals as if there was no tomorrow? Maybe they know something we don’t?

David Work

Lake Cowichan