Correct deadly bike vs. car roadways

Why do some lanes end 50 feet from corners where drivers turn right?

Correct deadly bike vs. car roadways

Correct deadly bike vs. car roadways

In our society we rely on the elected politicians to do the right things to protect all the populace as they make their rules and develop new things. This is to keep up with the Joneses of other communities they feel is so necessary.

I like to believe good decisions are made with common sense in mind and that the people we elect should not lose that after election day.

This brings me to ask who was it that put all of the automobile drivers and cyclists in this province deliberately in such danger? Who developed this bike lane without really thinking about it? Why do some lanes end 50 feet from corners where drivers turn right? What, what happens to the cyclists — do they disappear at the end of the lane 50 feet from the corner? Who thought first about the bike lanes outside of the parked cars whose drivers open the doors into the bike lane to get out?

What protection is given to drivers who are licensed and insured to use our roadways, with rules and regulations? Why are the cyclists not obligated to also be licensed and insured? What protection is there for drivers?

How would any person feel if a cyclist swerved out into the driving lane to avoid a car door opening and they hit the cyclist and there was permanent injury and/or death? Is there insurance for the families involved? Not for the cyclist, only the operator of the car.

The planning process seems to be driven by special rights groups lobbying politicians who see only votes, and after election become brain dead. The people who plan these things are not responsible people and systems that would seem so bad they would never be approved are rushed through and the whole population is put at risk.

As a driver and a common sense person I would believe the first requirement of using our roads should be the same requirements for everyone and so licensing and insurance should be the norm. Next the planning of these bike lanes should be redone and made safe for all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Poor planning and speedy approvals to keep up with the Joneses cause discord between the road users and when the same rules do not apply to all users, then there is something wrong. This is the way we see our politicians and planners doing things in our modern society and we the taxpayer always pay the bill.

I challenge any of our politicians local, regional and provincial to rethink this deadly situation they have created and totally redesign it and make it safe for everyone. Stop developing systems that pit drivers against cyclists. Make the rules of using our roads the same for all.

We must speak out loudly for most issues like this once enacted get the politicians’ backs up and they defend their stupidity with our tax dollars. Loud voices will cause change — speak to our politicians now and voice your opinion — make us all safe.

Larry Woodruff