Councillors made good GMO food decision

North Cowichan – How good of you to give lone wolf Martin Barker the front page story and photo showing that he is defending GMOs in the face of such overwhelming odds. Never mind what the people want, he knows better because he made some in school. Never mind that scientists like Thierry Vrain, who actually worked with GMOs at Agriculture Canada, are sounding the alarm about the damage GMOs can do to the soil, plants, animals and humans.

I loved his comment that no one on council is an expert on the issue. How dare we elect councillors who are not experts on every issue that comes before them. But best of all is his statement that activists will hold up Duncan as part of their argument against GE foods. That is something to be very proud of. Duncan is leading the way in the whole country. My thanks to all the other councillors who actually listened to the evidence and made a rational decision.

Alan Philip

North Cowichan