Cowichan communist conspiracy notion ridiculous

Cowichan communist conspiracy notion ridiculous

Stop attacking those trying to bring about a more just and equitable society

Cowichan communist conspiracy notion ridiculous

There are times letters to the editor are almost too daft to even bother rebuking, but if they aren’t rebuked then that condones whatever nonsense was written by those writers with my silence.

Case in point is the letter by Diane Moen and seconded by the other half of her tag team, Perry Foster. And please realize that I am only using the word daft out of consideration that this is a community paper so I’m self-censoring.

Ms. Moen’s latest paranoia that there are communists under every bed is just as bizarre as Joseph McCarthy’s ranting on and on about communism infiltrating the U.S. back in the 1950s. Whereas McCarthy used to call people he didn’t like communists in order to destroy their careers, Ms. Moen uses the totally absurd charge of communism to discredit those people and groups striving to bring about a sustainable economy, reduce our dependence on oil, and are fighting climate change. Science doesn’t have a political agenda, Ms. Moen, but you certainly do.

There was a timely article by Vance Morgan which can be applied to the illogical attacks on the environmental movement, mirrored by Moen’s personal cheering section, Mr. Foster. In that article, Mr. Morgan references a 1980 opinion piece by famed science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov. While Mr. Asimov was talking about the U.S., his conclusions can just as easily be applied to Canada which is nothing to be proud of.

Mr. Asimov talked about how there has always been a strain of anti-intellectualism threading its way through the political and cultural life of the country, which is nurtured by the false notion that in our democracy that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

What Mr. Asimov said 40 years ago is even more relevant today with how conspiracy theories and QAnon have spread through social media like a stage 4 cancer in society. Sorry, Ms. Moen, your conclusions about communism sneaking into your community are ludicrous. You are like Don Quixote attacking windmills because he thought that they were dragons. Only in your case, you would be attacking solar farms and wind turbines for being communists plots.

Just stop attacking those trying to bring about a more just and equitable society based on sustainability, they are not communists. The kind of world you seem to envision by attacking the proven science of global warming which saner people follow, will lead to a dying planet and more extinctions.

As Mr. Morgan sums up, society finds itself in one of the most polluted and asphyxiating cognitive atmospheres imaginable.

Your letters, along with those by other QAnon conspiracy addicts spewing other lines of rubbish, are contributing to that toxic atmosphere. Just stop it.

Robert T. Rock

Mission City