Crofton part of Cowichan Valley

Citizen news paper dearly missed in Crofton

This is a open letter to the Black Press Executives:

Yes, I live in Crofton. I do support our local stores and restaurants, but, my hospital, doctors, dentists, chiropractor, medical specialists, pharmacy, banks, financial advisors, major grocery shopping, hardware stores, variety of clothing shops, cinema, library, the Cowichan theatre, swimming pool, curling rink, The Capitals, all the other sports teams, and the list goes on.

So many things I cannot do in Crofton, (where I have chosen to live) and I must do in Duncan.

I rely on the Citizen to inform me of the many things happening in the community and surrounding area that I support. I also rely of the local advertising to help me choose my shopping wisely. I feel that you, the Black Press Executive, are treating the Crofton residents unfairly.

I was told you stopped delivering the Citizen to Crofton because of financial reasons. Why not put the Courier news (only four pages last week and four advertising flyers) into the Citizen.

Making one paper for the area. Combine Wednesday and Friday and deliver it on Thursday. Yes I do also support Chemainus, as well as the whole Valley.

One paper for the whole valley makes sense to me.

Cheryl Nielsen


39 Days of July deserves praise and support

It seems that the hard work and commitment of Long John and the organizers of this great event is finally paying off and putting Duncan on the map.

The crowds watching this ongoing event were really impressive. Up to 200-plus happy spectators for performances in the park and 500-plus at City Square events, were watching daily talent competitions, dance studio showcases, bands and amazing acts by local, Canadian and international talent. We saw many young families, seniors, people with special needs, artists, students and a lot of tourists. Even a few pillars of Cowichan society’s Who’s Who list showed up once in a while. It is great to see that 39 Days of July is also attracting those demographics that cannot afford $500-plus to take the family out to Sunfest or to Vancouver to see Bono, Gaga or the Justin Biebers of the world. I think with an estimated total of over 35,000 spectators this event should finally get the attention of local governments and the province — hello Sonia!

Any public grant money and support for this kind of cultural and social enrichment to the Valley would be well deserved and great for Cowichan’s future.

Martin Best

Maple Bay