Destruction of election signs wrong

It does not matter how much people fear a possible electoral outcome

Destruction of election signs wrong

In the Oct. 11 issue of the Citizen you printed a letter entitled “Sign Destruction down to justified fear.” It is a sad statement on the current mindset of Canadians that any of us could have even written this letter that appears to condone violence and the destruction of property.

It does not matter how much people fear a possible electoral outcome, they have no right to damage the property of a legitimate Canadian political party. Where do people like Mr. Dryden get the idea that it is suddenly OK to do so? By extension we may assume that they also approve of masked leftist Antifa thugs beating people up, closing down lawful peaceful demonstrations and hurling feces and urine at those they have a ” justifiable fear” of. That is not the way a civilized democratic society acts. But it does appear to be the way the left wants this to go if they keep justifying it and making excuses for it.

His subsequent rant about Mr. Harper and Mr. Scheer just highlights the degree to which the left is obsessed with illusions. Mr. Harper is not running in this election, something many people have reminded Mr. Trudeau of, and the “boogeyman” fear of lawfully elected Conservative politicians has long since begun to run out of legitimacy. The ridiculous assumption that Mr. Scheer is part of a mysterious fascist linked international conspiracy is proof of the unhinged nature of much of the rhetoric we are seeing from the left in this election. What’s next? Hilary Clinton’s mysterious “vast right wing conspiracy” and how the CPC is linked to it?

If people have become “so angry and so scared of what a Tory victory would bring” (again, needless exaggeration histrionics and hysteria) then they should just vote for, or volunteer for the opposite parties instead of acting like hysterical children.

At the end of his letter Mr. Dryden says that he will “leave others to judge” whether the actions of those who destroy Conservative signs is wrong. Why? It should be apparent to anyone, including him, that this is absolutely wrong and unforgivable. Perhaps a course in basic ethics would help him and his compatriots understand the wrongful nature of needless destruction in the name of an extreme ideology.

Perry Foster


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