Disinformation under every rock

Disinformation under every rock

Sadly, conspiracy deniers are a dime a dozen

Disinformation under every rock

It is pointless to try and reason with Robert T. Rock whose sole “mission” is to mock and rebuke dangerous conspiracy addicts like me. He’s not here to reason or to offer any proof that debunks my “paranoid” theories because he knows that would be “mission impossible.” So all he can do is try to discredit the messenger to prevent the message from being heard.

Sadly, conspiracy deniers are a dime a dozen and you can find one hiding under every rock. But in this crazy fast changing world of ours, consciousness is on the rise and even the most deeply sleeping sheeple are waking up, asking questions and trying to make sense of their world. Is it Rock’s job to “rock” them back to sleep? Is he one of those “thought police” from Orwell’s Ministry of Truth?

Mr. Rock pretends there is no link between forced vaccinations, a woman’s right to choose abortion and the Nuremberg Code? Is he really unable to see the connection? Or is he deliberately trying to lead people astray about this important historic tribunal and the recognition of our right to choose or refuse medical treatment?

He predicts that, “This pandemic will never truly be over until a vaccine is found and mandatory vaccination enforced.” That’s the same mantra repeated by the billionaire philanthropists who practice eugenics under the new name of “trans-humanism.” I believe this pandemic has nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with these very same control freaks gaining access to our bloodstream and our DNA. The only thing standing in their way is our right to informed consent, but Rock believes it is “selfish” if we do not sacrifice our individual rights for the greater good.

Mr. Rock likes to muddy the waters of real conspiracies such as 9/11, with “loopy conspiracy theories” like sasquatch, flat earth and visions of Mother Theresa on a slice of toast. And then claims there is not a shred of evidence or slightest probability that ANY of these conspiracies could be real. But no one who has actually gone down the “rabbit hole” is fooled by Rock’s “silliness.”

Mocking conspiracies might provide the sheeple with something to laugh at, and goodness knows we could use all the humour we can find right now. But conspiracy denial has real world consequences, especially for future generations who will undoubtedly be enslaved by techno-fascism if we don’t act now to stop it.

With all his Trump bashing and support for forced vaccinations and gun control, it’s obvious he’s drank way too much of that left wing commie cool-aid. And, if comrade Rock was really an expert on Russian history as he pretends, he would know that when the revolution is over, the “useful idiots” are the first to be thrown under the bus.

David Work

Lake Cowichan