Dismay about stopping services to animals

Dismay about stopping services to animals

Dismay about stopping services to animals

Regarding: Emergency veterinary services

It was with dismay that I read that emergency services for all the animals in the Cowichan Valley will soon cease. These are the same caring people we have turned to in crisis and to think that animals must now be taken to another town, some distance away, while suffering, and that some may not even make it, is simply beyond comprehension.

The people of the Valley have supported the offices of their veterinarians for many years and have received in return compassionate, professional and in some cases, heroic care but now this unfortunate situation is occurring. Could a collective solution by these same offices not be found?

Perhaps rotation of one weekend each per month as the “acting emergency centre” with shared staff or something else that would meet the needs of the injured and suffering while simultaneously meeting the realities of the businesses?

I hope that the concern over this sad decision has been made known and that in response, a collective solution can and will be found. Pets, livestock and wildlife are depending on us all — they who cannot speak for themselves are counting on us to find a way — please find a way.

Katherine Barwick

Cobble Hill