Donald Trump will win a second term

I never hear one comment about his refusal to accept a paycheque for the job as U.S. president.

Donald Trump will win a second term

Now in to his fourth year as president, I am amazed at how much I hear Canadians talking about Donald Trump and yet in the United States, the Americans do not talk about our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and many of them do not know who he is, and could not care less.

Now with all of this talking going on by Canadians about Donald Trump, I never hear one comment about his refusal to accept a paycheque for the job as U.S. president. The yearly salary for a U.S. president is $400,000 per year.

Donald Trump gives his salary to various U.S. charities that require money donations. Donald Trump, being worth $2.1 billion has nothing to do with this generous donation.

Former U.S. presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush Jr. accepted their $400,000 salary cheques when in fact, they could have done the same as Donald Trump and give the cheques over to charities. Why? Barack Obama is worth $70 million, Bill Clinton is worth $120 million and George Bush Jr. is worth $40 million.

Last year, I was sitting at one of our outdoor business patios and was talking to a U.S. citizen. It is hard to avoid politics, and she told me not to talk about Donald Trump, as she was not one of his supporters. I said fine, but asked her, can I ask one question about politics.

She said yes. I asked her, if Donald Trump was a disappointment, then why did the U.S. vote in George Bush Jr. for a second term because he should have been replaced after one term in office, because of incompetence. She answered that is correct, and that was another major mistake of the Americans voting in George Bush Jr. for a second term of office.

Remember people, Donald Trump ran for the president of the United States for fun. Why? He just wanted to see if he could eliminate all of the other presidential candidates that were running as Republicans. He did accomplish a victory, and even himself could not believe he won to be elected as the president of the U.S. His opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was no match in the election due to her past history of corruption.

That is right. Corruption. Just read about her when she was a lawyer in private practice before her beginnings in politics.

Bill and Hillary Clinton formed an organization called The Clinton Foundation. It was an organization that would accept money donations and then distribute the funds received out to the different charities. In one year, the Clinton Foundation collected $177,804,612 from donations.

The foundation employed 486 employees that were paid $34.8 million in wages. Also $91.3 million was paid out for operating expenses.

During that year, only $5.1 million was distributed to charities. An FBI investigation began to justify why millions of dollars did not reach the hands of the various U.S. charities. The Clinton Foundation eventually closed the foundation down.

In November of 2020, the United States will once again have their election for a new president. Consultants hired by the Democratic party have told the Democrats their only chance of winning the presidential election is to have a Democratic candidate that is the duplicate character to Donald Trump in every way, shape, and form. Their declared candidate, Joe Biden, is not that man. That way it would be a election comparing apples to apples, and not apples to oranges, which is now happening. The result will be Donald Trump winning a second term in office as the U.S. president. That is the result because facts and reality always prevail the outcome.


Joe Sawchuk



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