Duncan needs new parking bylaw

A reply to the letter from Susan Anderson re: City of Duncan’s unfriendly parking bylaw, Friday July 31.

A reply to the letter from Susan Anderson re: City of Duncan’s unfriendly parking bylaw,  Friday July 31.

The frustration surrounding parking in Duncan’s downtown core is age old; we have had a business in the core for over 30 years and have put up with a “no-teeth” city hall when it comes to parking.

The big problem: business owners, street level and office level and their staff parking on the street. The bylaw that you, Ms. Anderson, fell victim to was, I surmise, put in place to stop workers from moving their vehicles around every few hours; clearly it doesn’t work.

Our enforcement officers know who the constant perpetrators are, I know who they are — they park outside of my business daily. This is not the first letter of this kind. I remember a letter from a fellow who also got on the wrong side of the bylaw when he came back into town to his favorite coffee shop a few times a day for maybe 10 minuets each time.

BUT, anyone can park for free for three hours; in most cases this is a big bonus for downtown Duncan. People from all over the world, especially from Victoria, love the free parking. Three hours is a good, long time to get your hair done, shop and go for lunch or visit the dentist.

I would like to invite you, Ms. Anderson, to come back to downtown Duncan and take advantage of the free parking, or perhaps park in one of the $1 a day lots, a mere half block away. Believe me city hall does not care if you go elsewhere but we do. We have had to put up with parking issues for years and we hate losing our locals, or anyone for that matter, to out-of-touch parking bylaws. The hand held devices the officers carry that record licence plate numbers should be able to separate the once-in-a-while, twice or three times a day shoppers from the every day violators. We need a new bylaw.


Janet Martinez

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