Elected politicians putty in hands of IPCC

Duncan has joined the bandwagon and declared a climate emergency.

Elected politicians putty in hands of IPCC

Elected politicians putty in hands of IPCC

Religion attacked and imprisoned Galileo for his science, much like the IPCC is with their declaration that only they know the truth. Science by consensus is not true science. All scientists who have other opinions due to their studies are being muzzled. There are even climate fanatics that want to imprison them also.

All politicians are being bullied to declare their loyalty to the cause out of fear for losing an election.

Duncan has joined the bandwagon and declared a climate emergency. Seems the scientists at City Hall have done their own studies on this subject. I guess this will mean that all drive-troughs will be eliminated. Duncan will now agree to pressure the Province for a bypass to reduce congestion. All traffic in the city will have to be with electric vehicles only. This would mean that gas stations will only be used as charging stations. This is the future envisioned by those who want to adhere to the zero emissions agenda. Who knows how freight will be taken of? Drop off the load on the outskirts of the city and then be hand delivered?

Some of the subjects not being allowed to be discussed are the effects of sunspots, magnetic field flipping, effects of the estimated 1 million volcanoes in the oceans and the ones on land. I am sure these are being studied but we will never hear of the results because they are being quashed. What other areas are being studied? All of them will and should be peer reviewed by the scientific community unlike the IPCC, which does not go outside of their own bubble. Only those who agree are allowed an opinion.

For all the experts writing letters to the editor, allow others to have their own opinions. Deriding opposite views is comparable to denying freedom of speech. Everyone has this right, in case you forgot the meaning. Lay people on both sides need to gather “ all “ the facts from multiple sources. Neither side will be able to discern the truth and that is why the politicians will decide for us. Too bad they won’t listen to both sides. The IPCC is calling the shots and our elected officials are putty in their hands so expect more intrusion in our daily lives.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill